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It is no wonder an African Interior decor will be consists of nature-based scenarios and elements. Most of their pieces can be a natural blend to their surroundings. Are mainly this is the principles behind the designs of the pieces present in African Ethnic Interior decorating.

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To Live In An incredibly Colorful Environment

A colorful environment is exactly what defines nature. Every color, featuring its different hues and shades is found naturally along with the mountain or even for the outskirts from the villages. A rustic look often defines the theme of most African house. Green at colors of the color wheel is the greatest to use when you want to indulge the house which has a feeling of natural calmness seen in nature. With green since the base color for many African houses, this could be match with any color and definately will result in a variety of combinations that still look great and appealing.

Smell the Breeze

Breeze is among the most compelling element based in the reefs and coastlines of Africa. They replicate this by the use of the draperies found richly textured generally in most African houses. Colors are usually different shades of blue with sea as his or her usual design.

Befriend sunlight

Sunlight plays a serious role in the African culture. Their art crafts will have representation with this astrological component with great respect as well as the highest regard. The brilliant colors are well represented of their homes, especially their textiles. Besides the sun, there is also passion for other astronomical objects such as the moon, the celebrities and planets.

Make Do With Patterns

African art, featuring its pattern and design is extremely unique when compared with many culture all over the world. Their designs are mainly a representation of nature, getting inspiration from different natural elements available on their surroundings. Nature, offering many different delights, provides a lot of subject for their pattern designs.

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The wax fabric of Africa is the greatest cultural representation of the ethnicity. Their wax fabric provides a lot of amazing patterns, design and color that are simply elegant and adorable. The wax fabric is most popular in vogue and clothing, but can also be popular in beddings and draperies.

Simply Organic

Almost all their products and home décor pieces certainly are a by-product of nature. All of the materials used are basically produced from nature. Their usage of woods is definitely an ordinary occurrence with many of their houses.

Tame The Wild

Just as one exotic country, their lifestyle is meant to join in on the treasures of the wild. Their houses are usually decorated with animals, both real and reproduction, and any situation that resembles them. Patterns are based on the natural habitat of these creatures. You'll find animal patterns everywhere, from drapes, to foot rugs and beddings.
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Submitted on
October 15, 2011